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Thursday March 21, 2019

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Gifts with Life Income
Personal Planner
Many friends of charity have acquired appreciated property over time. A great way to use this appreciated property is...
IRS Tips on Protecting Your Identity
Washington News
In IR-2019-41, as part of a Tax Time Guide series, the Service offered specific tips for protecting personal information. Each tax season, the Service receives many complaints about con artists who steal personal information and money from unsuspecting victims. The IRS sponsors a Security Summit and regularly shares ways to protect financial information and avoid identity theft. There are six specific IRS suggestions for safeguarding your data and identity. Protect Personal Information — Your Social Security Number, credit card, bank account and retirement fund account numbers are valuable data. Use careful judgement and do not release them unless it is necessary. If you do release them, be certain you know who is asking for the information and the purpose for your disclosure. Guard Against Phishing Emails — Scammers continue to be very deceptive in their "phishing" email strategies. A scammer email may look like it came from a family member, a friend or your tax advisor. It may offer a great discount or free "security software." Do not click on any links if you are not...