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Barneburg Society

Barneburg SocietyBarneburg Hill with Roxy Ann Peak in the background, circa 1916

The Barneburg Society is an extraordinary group of Manor residents who have made an enduring commitment to changing lives at the Manor by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Membership in the Barneburg Society honors and recognizes this incredible contribution to the Rogue Valley Manor Foundation and the future of all Manor residents. Any Rogue Valley Manor resident who chooses to include the RVM Foundation in their estate, will, or trust is encouraged to notify the Foundation to be added to this prestigious society.

For example, some residents have made the Foundation the beneficiary of their life insurance policy. Click here to learn about gifts of life insurance.

Other residents have included the Foundation in the form of a simple bequest. 
Click here to learn more about bequests.

Others have created a Charitable Remainder Trust as a way to earn income and include the Foundation in their estate. 
Click here to learn about creating a Charitable Remainder Trust.

Special thanks to this incredible society of Rogue Valley Manor residents for their visionary leadership and generosity. 

To learn more about the Barneburg Society, please call RVM Foundation Director C.J. McPhail at 541-857-7026.